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The love for sport and the passion to work with other people stands above all. Escaping the anonymity and passiveness of other Gyms, focusing on the real life – This is Crossfit Bamberg

We offer extensive practices covering conditioning training and weight training that differs completely from “regular” gyms. We train people in groups up to 12 participants. The workout, from warm up to cool down, is accompanied by a coach and can be individually adjusted to meet personal needs. Coaches will actively look for motivation, avoid bad technique in when performing movements and thus provide an efficient workout. This kind of training results in a healthier, more powerful and happier lifestyle, an improved general physical preparedness and a more aesthetically pleasing body. Nonetheless, our kind of training is suited for everybody and fun will always be our number one goal.

Along with our broad goals, we want to develop athletes that compete succesfully in national and international Crossfit competitions. There are specific Competitor Classes for these athletes, and we hope to achieve a community of great athletes to be able to support these athletes as Crossfit Bamberg when competing.

Aside from classic Crossfit, we offer functional Training, specific classes, personal training and the classic open gym. This way, we can fully convey our philosophy and we are sure to bring the best all-round offer possible to our members.

Our members should feel comfortable in our gym, train with joy and attain their goals. Additionally, we would like everybody to say or at least think that the first workout here has been their first  “real” workout.

We don’t use machines, we build them!

We're looking for a great time together!

Sabine Buuck & Tobias Schachten