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We express passion for Fitness as well as a sense of community and want to convey our values.

•    Authenticity: we love what we do. Sport is our life and we want to pass that Lifestyle on to our members.
•    Community: We are a Community. We want to create a place not only of training, but also of friendship. We strive to create this community in our gym.
•    Dedication: We give it our all. The progress of our members is our focal point. We pursue perfection. We live sport. We eat, sleep and breathe for sport and are therefore able to offer you the best possible support.
•    Honesty: We are always honest towards our members and expect the same from them
•    Courage: We are courageous enough to try new things. Should things not work our or if there is room for improvement, we will listen to our members.
•    Patience: Crossfit is not easy. It may take months or years until technique, power, speed and efficiency are on the level of a solid Crossfit athlete. Everybody possesses the ability to be successful in the sport of Crossfit, but it takes hard word. Only patience will lead our members to their goals.
•    Loyalty: Our attitude shows in the way we treat other people.
•    Idealism: It is part of our way of life to do good for others. We experienced many good things that way. What goes around comes around.
•    Safety: We assign the highest priority to the safety of our members. Therefore, we only train in groups of up to 12 people. This is also reflected in our introductory basic class that provides a safe way into Crossfit training.
•    Integrity: We expect our members to adhere to common morals and ethic principles.

Nowadays, values sadly do not play a big role anymore. However, we perceive these values as important and life-enhancing. Sport is our way of conveying these values. 

Sport hat die Kraft, die Welt zu verändern!