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Who is CrossFit for?

Crossfit workouts can be scaled so they are for people of any age and of any fitness level. All you need is a professional coach to assist you. A coach can make sure that your technique is good and safe. Moreover, we suggest to consult your physician before any exercise regimen.

The goals when doing Crossfit can be manifold. People do Crossfit to be healthy and fit for everyday life, to burn fat, to build muscles or to reach a new, better look. Crossfit can also be done to gain an advantage for other sports, or as a whole new sport in itself.

Here’s one example:

Crossfit Bamberg Member 1

Is a 60-year-old woman who wants do train for health and fitness. She wants to live an active life, be able to have fun with her grandchildren and be in shape to take bike trips over several days.

Crossfit Bamberg Member 2

Is a 21-year-old basketball player in the second division of German Basketball and wants to reach his goal of becoming a professional Basketball player.

CrossFit Bamberg Member 3

Is a 29-year-old woman who wants to look good and be fit and powerful.

CrossFit Bamberg Member 4

Is a 40-year-old man who has been active in several other gyms, but never reached his goals. He wants to look athletic, but not massive. He had been smoking, but wants to fulfill his goals now of living an active and healthy life. From time to time, he wants to bring his son and train with him.

CrossFit Bamberg Member 5

is a 25-year-old who wants to do Crossfit as a sport and become a Regionals-level athlete.

Working out together:

There are countless variations of workouts with different exercises, number of repetitions or amount of weight. All this is depending on the goal of the individual workout.
All five members train together and do the same workout. Let’s see one example to make it clear:

Workout of the Day (WOD)
5 Rounds of:
300m row, 10 box jumps, 15 pull-ups and 15 squats

Member 1

Member 1 rows 300m and uses a lower box, which she uses for step-ups, not for jumps. She uses a jump stretch-band to help her for the pull-ups.  She does not use additional weight when squatting (air-squats), and in case she cannot keep up the technique, she can grab onto a rack to support her.

Member 2

Member 2 is instructed to row very hard train his anaerobic metabolism to have a maximal carryover to Basketball. When doing box jumps, he holds a 3kg medball overhead, with a tight core and short times on the ground. This mimics the demands of Basketball and creates a more explosive athlete. He uses no additional help for the pull-ups and squats with a barbell of 60kg on his back.

Mitglied 3

Member 3 rows, does box jumps, has a small support band for the pull-ups and does front squats with only a women’s barbell and no additional weights.

Member 4

Member 4 rows, jumps on a tall box, does pull-ups with no support band and fronts squats with 50kg. His son rows a moderate speed and then steps down after jumping on the box. He gets help for his pull-ups and does air-squats to keep pressure off his young, growing body. Nonetheless, he wants to win against his dad.

Member 5

Member 5 is rowing all-out and uses the highest box for box jumps with a 9kg medball overhead. He uses 25kg additional weight for the pull-ups and has 120kg on his shoulders for the front squats. This is his second workout of the day, with a third one yet to come in the afternoon in the Competitors Class.

Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels!