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CrossFit Bamberg


Each workout is supervised by a professional coach and is scaled to individual abilities


A new way of life through an aesthetic body and top-level athleticism


A different workout every day


Our workouts are short, hard and efficient


We use natural movements, not machines.


Working out together in a motivating atmosphere


No empty promises, your progress can be seen and measured


Reach your individual maximum, in sport and in everyday life


You will improve your strength, endurance, speed, mobility and coordination


A sensitive approach ensures fun and motivation for everybody


The high intensity of our training, combined with constantly varied exercises, does not only constitute a mechanical stimulus, but also a metabolic one. The body reacts with hormonal changes that facilitate muscle growth and fat loss. The excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – or afterburn – that is caused by highly intensive workouts is responsible for that hormonal reaction of the body. A more athletic und aesthetic body is the result of our workouts!


A better all-round athleticism leads to better sport-specific performance and prepares for life. Our workouts, through their versatility, improve many of your abilities and skills. Your body will become stronger, more persistent, faster, more mobile and You will gain better coordination. Better performance, bigger work capacity and better body control are the results. You will be able to see it, feel it and tests can measure it objectively.


Training your muscles helps to stabilize your spine, decrease the load on your joints and improves your posture and metabolism. Because different exercises follow directly after another in our workouts, we improve the cardiorespiratory Fitness of your body. Therefore, we can provide the best prevention for today’s man-made diseases of the western industrial nations.
Mobility exercises lead to better flexibility and thus cause a better posture. Plyometric exercises produce better explosiveness and faster reaction times.


We appreciate the social aspect of sport. We want to workout together in motivating and familiar atmosphere. We connect people, away from anonymity, into real life!

Fitness for Companies

We offer individually fitted health programs. The evaluated and patented program “Bewegende Pause”, developed by us, is one possibility to improve the health, performance and satisfaction of your employees. Sabine Buuck was able to prove these effects in her doctoral thesis. The results have been published on the world congress for work safety and health.

This program can be implemented at your workplace as well as in our box. Please contact us for more information and the conditions of this program. We can help You to make your company more healthy, improve the sense of community of your employees and can thus bring more success to your company. We are looking forward to get to know You.


We offer preseason workouts to teams and individuals as well as athletic training during the season. Fitness is an important factor in almost any sport and can be used to your advantage. Combining our qualifications, our equipment and our experience, Crossfit Bamberg is the perfect spot for your sport-specific training in Bamberg.

If the going gets tough, the tough get going!